That’s a bunch of crepe!

Crepes.  Crepes are interesting beasts.  Basically a thin french pancake found in some restaurants dedicated to crepes or at farmers markets and events where people charge way too much for way too little.  Personal opinion.  Crepes at these places can be beyond boring – a bunch of crappy crepes. Eight or nine bucks for Nutella and whipped cream or cinnamon and sugar.  Upwards from there.  No merci!   Lest I continue a rant – here is what I did about it!  Got a crepe pan and started making my own.  And being the mad scientist I am – I was determined to make’em really good.  Came up with names and worked toward their creation – the frankenstein approach.  Put body parts together of various edible materials and have them rise like a Phoenix from a pile and be alive and ready to eat!  Have made up names and created about 10 crepe styles but this one is my best.  The Hot Italian Stallion –  Ingreds – Boulder Hot Italian sausage (super lean), organic farmers market onions, tomatoes, red, green peppers, and fresh peaches (yep fresh peaches!), fresh basil all sautéed, then combined with the sausage and mixed in homemade marinara. Crepes are homemade with organic whole wheat flour, beer, greek yogurt, honey, organic eggs, etc. (crepe recipes).  I tossed fresh basil in the batter for grins and flavors.  Cook the crepe in a crepe pan, pile in ingredients and layer with marinara, fold, add more marinara, and top with mozzarella.  Serve with fresh salad and tomatoes.  The dressing here is a greek yogurt with lemon and fresh garlic…  bon appetite to a real crepe.  Oh that other one is breakfast crepe with filled with simmered fresh fruit compote in middle and covered in vanilla greek yogurt.  Instead of basil in the batter, I used a pinch of nutmeg, cardamom and allspice and a bit more raw honey for sweetness.

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